Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Would marrying my boyfriend make this process quickly?

I was born in Italy in 1989 to a Italian father and U.S citizen mother. My mother left my father and fled to Italy when I was three. My sister was born in Italy as well but my mom had time to sign her up for dual citizenship. I am now 20 and were trying to hard with the process because I cant work or go to school. I fear being deported because I dont know my family in Italy nor do I know how to speak the language. My father is a green card holder because of my mom but he lives in Texas. My mother was part of the U.S army in the 70's and served her country. What i'm wondering is if I marry my boyfriend of 4 years will this make the process any easier? I was recognized when I came to California and just overstayed my visit. I have never been out of California and I did kindergarten-high school here...Help? I'm currently working with congresswomen and she says as soon as I get my birth certificate with both parents name on it (in Italy they only give a BC with the childs name on it, no parents) then the process will be much more easy...? Should I marry or just wait it out?

Answer on Would marrying my boyfriend make this process quickly?

Apparently you were not found to be a derivative citizen or you not have been given a visa. If you
marry a US citizen, yes you can apply for permanent residence. See forms I-130 and I-485
and instructions at this site: