Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What do you think of the poem?

Okay so this is just a joke, and I wrote it when I was bored :) Enjoy if boredom is killing you as well!!!! And its semi-longish for rhyming purposes xP

This is a short little story,
About a girl who was obsessed.
This tale will tell of her nonsense.
And sadly how she has regressed.

This girl had a craze for an idol.
Not a stranger to many, I’ll bet.
His clothes had intense loads of flair,
But his moves- awesome as can get.

Now this girl had a room with four walls.
T’was a plain room, quite ordinary.
But this girl put up so many pictures,
Of her idol that it became scary.

Now the idol’s a self-taught musician.
His dance moves are out of this world,
His name, with Usher’s is famous,
And his hair is not even curled.

She then bought a ticket for “My World,”
The coolest sensation in town.
As she drove to the jam via limo,
She pulled up in front in a gown.

She stepped out into chill, cold night air,
That one time would be all they needed,
She was ready to meet her true love,
I love you already,” she breathed.

The event was completely sold out,
Every seat had a screaming young girl.
As the lights came on people went crazy,
And the stands they all looked like a swirl.

When he stepped out on stage people fainted.
Girls screeched, and called out his name.
As he sung people clung to the platform,
To keep them from swooning insane.

When the concert finale was over,
The girl left, with naught but a shudder.
Cause her love, gave naught but a glance.
Thus her love was no longer her lover.

Then she went home and cried her poor heart out.
And she told herself over and then,
That she hadn’t put in enough effort,
And maybe she should try again.

So the next day she went to his movie,
The movie of “Never Say Never,”
And when she saw him in the 3-D,
Her heart flipped and she got a fever.

I’ll never say never, she did tell herself,
I won’t say the word till I die.
And she did stay true to that promise,
But it wasn’t too hard to try.

For the next day she read on the news,
That his girlfriend was Selena Gomez,
And she sobbed and she wept and she bawled,
Then she watched some reruns of George Lopez.

She then tweeted “goodbye, cruel, cruel world,”
And told Justin he’d be missed as well,
Having done this she went in her room,
Shut the door on mankind like a shell.

And she stayed in her room all day long.
From that day till the day that she died.
She gazed at pictures of him on the wall,
Then she flopped on her bed and she sighed.

Unfortunately we now wonder…
What would have become of this girl.
Had someone just ended the Bieber,
The craze that affected the world.

lol -_-

Answer on What do you think of the poem?

LOL its quite gud,keep writing ur story building is nice imo :)

How can i get blackberry notifications when a friend posts something on facebook?

my parents have the phones set to where they get notifications when me or my sisters post something on facebook and would like to know how to do this on my blackberry bold

Answer on How can i get blackberry notifications when a friend posts something on facebook?

it doesn't affect what phone you have. you set this up on facebook. log onto your account and click "account settings" then go to "notifications" and you have the option of getting a text or an email every time you get a notification.