Sunday, July 8, 2007

What is the right weight for me?

ok, so i am 5'3-5'4 (not really sure) and i weigh 129lbs
and i am trying to get down to around 120 lbs.
i have lost 3 lbs already, and i ate cereal for breakfast yesterday, and then a lean cuisine pizza for dinner. i skipped lunch. yes, i know this is not healthy but whatever.
i know i am not fat so don't say i am trying to do this for attention.
i would just like to lose some excess body fat. what do you think the right weight for me is? & do you have diet tips?
i also have practice for softball & i do wii fit everday.

Answer on What is the right weight for me?

Hey, dont worry about it. At your height, your weight is perfectly fine. If you already know skipping meals is unhealthy, why do it? If you want to stay healthy take on an extra sport, walk instead of drive, and drink tons of water, life isn't about weight its about being healthy, if you are healthy and happy it doesn't matter what pant size you are does it? Live while you can, life is short. And instead of skipping meals eat healthy portions of meals, try eating whole grain cereal instead of sugary ones and eat lots of fruits and veggies with meals. You'll be fine, Good luck :D