Sunday, June 10, 2007

Do I have lung cancer or just pains?

I am 13, male.

Well before I say any 'symptoms' I have, this Monday we were doing gymnastics in school and I got onto a 1/1.5m povel horse and fell back on to the matt which was about 3/4inches thick and I immediately felt pain in my lower spine.

But more to the point I normally have a cough and from about midday yesterday it's turned more deep and slightly crackly. I also am having regular (since monday) pains in my central body which may be under the ribs. I've had no change in my breathing and no weight loss. Also when i do cough, sneeze or laugh i feel sort of pressure under my ribs which is quite discomforting.

But could it be lung cancer?

Thanks :(

Answer on Do I have lung cancer or just pains?

You are having lower respiratory tract infection may be allergic.
Go to physician with your parents for treatment.
Do not worry about cancer.