Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Struggling with concentration levels during GCSE revision?

I am finding it hard to concentrate on my revision for my GCSE exams which are in a months time. I am really starting to stress about it. Revision timetables don't work and I work in a room with no electrical 'things' in it (eg, laptops, tv's) Does anybody have any revision tips?

Also, anyone doing their GCSE's this summer, how much revision have you done already?

thanks in advance x

Answer on Struggling with concentration levels during GCSE revision?


I know exactly how you feel! I can't seem to sit down and revise, I'll read one page of my revision guide and then I just get bored and move on to do something else non-revision. I agree, revision timetables do not work. I haven't revised this entire easter holiday. What I'm going to do is write little notes on post-it notes and make mind maps for each subject and then stick them everywhere I most often spend my time i.e. my bedroom and the kitchen(I love my food LOL) That way I'll keep on passing them and then eventually memorize them. Decorate the mind map's nicely, so that way it can make it fun for you whilst you learn.
I'm also planning to read 2 pages of 1 subject revision guide a day, and then test myself. I heard that reading out loud helps, and recording your voice whilst reading and then playing it over and over again later, can help too.
I plan to start making revision post-it notes tonight, and then stick them in my room...once my last exam is over, I can't wait to tear all of them down! Ahaha!
When's your first exam, and what subject?

Good luck!