Sunday, April 15, 2007

Help with beginner guitar?

i'm looking to buy an acoustic guitar. i plan on teaching myself, along with help from my dad's friend who's a great guitarist. i have extremely small hands and because of this i was considering buying the baby taylor

however i have heard from people that this restricts your playing quite a bit. i'm not going to be doing anything too fancy, just covers of current songs (justin bieber, taylor swift, selena gomez, ect)

do you think this guitar would suit my needs? how much does it restrict your playing? if not what's your suggestions for a good guitar. i'd like to keep it in the 100-200 range. thanks!

Answer on Help with beginner guitar?

Hello there,

Yes, you will be very happy with the baby Taylor. Here is a demo video so you can see for yourself.…


Anyone from Italy or Venice?

Traveling there in the fall and we don't want to stick out . should I wear dark clothes and dark walking shoes? How about out for dinner. Not a extremely expensive restaurant but places the locals go for a good meal. How to dress.

Answer on Anyone from Italy or Venice?

You are not going to be targeted by pickpockets because of the shoes you wear. You'll be targeted if you look like you're not paying attention to your surroundings and are careless with your things. There are all kinds of shoes here. I've lived in Italy for over 11 years and haven't lost anything yet. Basically when you go out to eat dress reasonably nicely - most places aren't formal and won't expect it of you, but it's nice not to show up in shorts or torn jeans either. Most of the time, the people I go out with wear the same kinds of things they wear to work in an office.