Thursday, March 29, 2007

Suitabe & Necessary Winter Clothings?

Hi, I wud b travellng to UK and Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Holland) coming during winter Nov & Dec 2010 n I wud appreciate if anyone here cud help/tell me wat are the necessary, essential and suitable clothings dat I shud buy/pack. FYI dis is my first trip travelling to winter countries. I'll be there for 16days. Pls help as I've no ideas abt winter clothings n if there is any Malaysian out there pls let me know where cud i buy dis things, tq.

Answer on Suitabe & Necessary Winter Clothings?

You will indeed need rather warm clothes (warm sweaters, head gear and scarves) and seasonal jackets and coats. Plus appropriate shoes or boots. Hopefully you can get the stuff back where you live.