Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Which diet pill has your vote?

Which diet pill has your vote?
I am doing some research on diet pills. From what I have found so far the best working ones are Lipvox, Ephedrasil, Slim Quick, and Zalestrim.
Although Lipvox and Ephedrasil seem the best, they are VERY expensive about $100 a bottle. So, I am looking more at Slim Quick and Zalestrim.
Slim Quick claims they are the best for woman, attacking fat areas that give woman problems. If it works as well as it says it does, than its worth it for the price.
Zalestrim claims to aid in weight loss, says that it "awakens" the hormones and tissues in the breasts, enhancing them slightly, and it also claims to have a sexual stimulant. This one also sounds reasonable for the price - if it works.
I am mainly looking for opinions on the last two products, but if you have used the first two let me know what you thought. I am NOT looking for your opinion on diet pills in general, I don't want to hear how you feel are "bad"...My question is which one of these do you prefer, do you know work? Thanks.

Answer on Which diet pill has your vote?

Phentermine is fairly cheap - under $40 per bottle but only lasts for 2 weeks. works great

Is italy referred to as her or it?

When speaking about Italy do you refer to her people or its people.

Answer on Is italy referred to as her or it?

even though the Italian peninsula as a noun is feminine