Thursday, March 8, 2007

I need help making a mixed cd for my ex girlfriend. Any ideas?

Ok so this my sound retarted from the title but, she broke up with me and we both found people after wards but, now we are single again and MIGHT be moving towards a relationship again. She was very hurt by the last guy she was with because he used her. She has a lot going on in her life and she wants me to wait for her until she is ready for a relationship again. She claims she likes me and we hook up and stuff but, I'm not completely sure. So I want to make her a cd that shows her I really care about her and want her back. I like mostly rap but, she likes alternative (jack johnson 3ho3 that kinda stuff) and all this other stuff so I made a list of the songs I want to put on. Please add your own which you may think she will like better.

get u home-shwayze
down-jay sean
how do you sleep(remix)-jesse mccartney
best i ever had-drake
i promise-akon
whole lotta kisses-r. kelly
i believe i can fly-r. kelly
superman-lazlo bone
cookie jar-gym class heroes
leavin'-jesse mccartney
summertime-new kids on the block
bed-j. holliday
suffocate-j. holliday
bubbly-colbie calliat
love like this-natasha bedingfield
don't matter- akon
cupid's chokehold-gym class heroes
sorry, blame it on me-akon

and finally maybe this one
somethin you forgot-lil wayne-(because it talks about is ex wife and how he wants a second chance but she wont give it to him because she found someone better)

so please add the songs you think she will like (top 20)

Answer on I need help making a mixed cd for my ex girlfriend. Any ideas?

okay this may not help much but start the cd with songs about being apart then move into the crush songs then end with love songs

(it should give her the idea and she will have a cd to love)

answer mine?;…