Friday, February 9, 2007

Question about weight loss?

I was wondering, what would someone have to do excersizng to lose weight. If someone eats healthy (no bread, pasta, etc.), how long would it take to lose 60 lbs, and what would you need to do in excersizing? and i dont know if it makes a difference what age you are either?

would walking everyday be a sufficiant excersize for losing weight? or would someone need to do more?

my friend is really self concious abobut the way she looks and i just dont know how toi help her. she gets tired very easy so i figured if walking works it would be an easy thing for her to do. any help is appreciated!

Answer on Question about weight loss?

Losing weight takes both mental and physical commitment. The two dread words: diet and exercise. Dieting is to focus on healthy intake, limited calories, but balanced meals for fuel. Exercise burns the fuel and keeps the body in good working order. Water along with the good food fuels is necessary as well.

Walking is not enough to get the body burning completely. You need a balance of cardio and strength exercises to maximize the fuel consumption. Not to say, don't walk, Walking is the first and easiest step in a plan. Also don't confuse walking with strolling. Have a purpose in your stride to raise your heartbeat.

Free weight training doesn't require a trip the gym. A selected pair of dumbbells or a good kettle bell can be used to work every muscle in the body. Forget spot treatments. The idea of rapid weight loss will include getting every muscle burning it's fair share of fuel.

Weight loss requires a lifestyle change, a mental change and commitment. Know that you will like yourself more when you achieve your goal. Enjoy it and look forward to a longer and healthier life.