Sunday, January 7, 2007

I'm a really fussy eater.. help?

hi, I'm alice and ive been a fussy eater since i was 3. in 15 now. my diet is really limited, and i look anorexic :/ i eat chicken nuggets, birds eye chicken burgers, chips, ketchup, bread and butter, cheese on toast, pancakes, cake, chocolate, yogurt biscuits etc. sandwiches (spready cheese only) spaghetti (from a tin, not spag bol) and baked beans. and /lots/ of water. and lemonade when i feel like it. oh and orange juice for breakfast.
well now ive had enough, I hate being this skinny and I really want to get back to a normal weight!
trying food is hard for me, I always dread it and I just /know/ it'll taste horrible (apart from when i tried pizza and it tasted like cheese on toast :P). my mum doesn't like forcing me to eat things because I get upset, and I can see how much emotional pain I'm putting her through by refusing to try new things.
so, this, is where you come in, kind people of yahoo answers :)
I would like to know;
foods that i would probably like, given my diet
tips on how to not be scared for trying new things
I really want to be able to say in a few years time 'I didn't eat anything until I was 15, then I changed my life around and now I look great!'
I know you can help me, and I'm ready for change!
thanks so much all of you, as what you post could literally change my life

Answer on I'm a really fussy eater.. help?

Trying foods is real hard, I'm always afraid to try new things, but I take a deep breath and put it in my mouth and chew. So, maybe you should start with different frozen meals like Stouffers' chicken parmigiana, it's a chicken cutlet thing, with spaghetti, marinara sauce and cheese melted on top, then there are foods like pot pies, and chili covered hot dogs, and other such foods that are easy to prepare and try.