Tuesday, November 28, 2006

How do i tell this to a girl(10 pts)?

me and this girl are best friends we used to date but then she broke things off. we have txted every day sense oct 2010. i have asked her in the past and she said she loves texting me and stuff like that. well for the past 2 days and today i would text her hey and she doesnt reply. i was just on facebook and she was on. she has texted me asking for some help on math hw but thats all. what should i say and should i say anything?

Answer on How do i tell this to a girl(10 pts)?

no let her chase after you :) treat her to her own medicine and also girls think waayyy to much about the little things so this'll get her thinking, orrrrrr if you do say something back dont give any kisses :)