Friday, November 17, 2006

Drake and Lil Wayne 'ghost-writing'?

My lil brother and I had an hour long debate on the lyrical styles of two of the most famous rappers today. He claims that both Drake and Lil Wayne have other unknown artist writing their lyrics for them because their styles are similar. I'm not a Fanatic of either but I do know that on Lil Wayne's song off one of his mixtapes was called 10,000 Bars in which he spit all the material he had written down and has never written again but just 'comes off the dome'. Lil Wayne possibly got with Drake cause his word play and metaphors are hot...just like his. The thing is my lil bro is part of a rap group, locally in our town and hasn't been discovered by anyone. I told him to find his own style and step away from the pack to see if he can make it on his own. I think he's just hatin' very hard cause he ain't had his time to shine. He thinks that Soulja Boy is a fluke cause he was signed in his living room and discovered on Youtube. I tell him constantly he should consider that idea and find his way up the ladder of success just as the afore mentioned. I love my brother dearly and my question is...Do you think Drake and Lil Wayne have ghost writers? And do you think I was harsh on my lil bro?

Answer on Drake and Lil Wayne 'ghost-writing'?

10,000 bars!?
if thats actually his writing then i might actually respect this dude.
thats ******* amazing.
imma have to break out the popcorn and listen to that ****