Monday, November 13, 2006

Classical/opera at a wedding reception? aaaah! PLZ HELP!?

my wedding is in 2 months and since were on a really tight budget (already over due to guest count) we have opted out hiring a dj or band. the venue has suggested we use an ipod and their wireless mic and doc. so the soon to be hubby and i are putting together our playlist for the reception..MY QUESTION........

Our music taste couldnt be more different. im from a small town where country music is always playing along with the top 20 hits on billboards (such as lady gaga, chris brown etc) his taste however is classical/opera which i cannot stand.

THE AGRUMENT..... i do not think that our guest would like the classical/opera to be played. they want something to dance to, sing along to, and all ages can have fun to. He says that people outside of "small town" would love to dance to it. REALLY? He says if we cant have his classical/opera then no country! the best slow songs are country. nobody in their 40s or 50s want to dance with their partner to chris brown the whole night? am i wrong?

what are some opinions? who is right? and what would you do? plz hlep!

Answer on Classical/opera at a wedding reception? aaaah! PLZ HELP!?

I suggest you include all your ideas:

Just mix them up together and involve all sorts, I'm sure your guests will like a but of variety.