Friday, August 4, 2006

I lied to the police, and now im really really freaked out. Please help im 14?

So like 4 months ago,
me and 4 friends tee peed this girl named Nicolette's house.
My other friends put pizza sauce everywhere, and I DIDNT.
We got caught by the police, and they told us that we needed to repair the damage that the pizza sauce stained.
The caust to fix it was about 4,000...
and Nicolette wasn't going to press charges unless something happned.
So just recently at school a police man dragged me of class, and told me that Nicolette's family wanted to press charges now because nicolette said that on myspace we were talking **** on her, and saying we went sorry.
The problem is, im not allowed to have a myspace.
And ive always lied to my parents, saying i dint have one,
and honestly i dont think i talked **** abut her on my myspace.
So i just told the cop that i DONT have a myspace.
And my dad asked me if i had one, and i said no.
Now im debating if i did the right thing.
But if my dad found out i had a myspace i would never be allowed to go on the computer....and i would get mine taken away.
I have my court date on 6-26...
and im like freaking out, cause i told him i dont have one.
And if he says he found it i could be all, well im never on it, so i didnt think it mattred.
What should i do???

Answer on I lied to the police, and now im really really freaked out. Please help im 14?

First of all, the police don't give a crap whether you have a myspace page or not.

As far as your parents - you're 14 and it's time for you to start learning to be a MAN. Which means owning up to mistakes and lies and not hiding and sneaking around like a little beeyatch. Seriously dude, just tell your parents the truth. Maybe they'll be mad for a minute, but I'm guessing they're going to get over it pretty quickly. They were teenagers once too.

Thirdly, why are you being so mean to this girl? Another big part of growing up is learning to treat everyone with respect, or at least a little decency. If you can't be nice to her, why don't you just ignore her.

This is a good life lesson, because this is where hate will get you every time. And maybe you don't HATE her, but what you did to her house was hateful. You'll always end up paying for it.

The great thing about being 14 is that you have an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. We were all teenagers once - hell, I wrapped my ex-boyfriend's car in plastic wrap and squirted it with dish soap, which ate off the paint after it sat all night. Of course I never meant to cause any damage, it was just supposed to be funny. I guess this is how we learn that "funny" sometimes has unintended consequences.

One last thing - if that court orders you to pay damages, please please please get a job without your parents asking to help pay the costs. It's not fair to ask your parents to pay for something that YOU did. Also, getting a job to help pay the court fines will impress your parents so much they'll forget all about the myspace page and the prank and everything else. Taking responsibility will show a lot of maturity on your part. It will probably even encourage them to trust you more the next time you want to say, go to a party. The more maturity you show to your parents, the better off you'll be.