Saturday, July 29, 2006

Does anyone like Selena Gomez here?

I love her but lately people have not really been. I just wanna make sure that the fans are still out there and all for Miss Gomez

Answer on Does anyone like Selena Gomez here?

She's awesome ;)

Should I get a macaw?

Hi All,

I've had cockatiels before but i've never really 'clicked' with them, if you know what I mean. I also had a Galah who I loved dearly, I had wanted a macaw before I got a galah but my Dad had had a galah when he was a kid and it lived for 80 years so I decided to get one, his name was Ban-jo and I had him for a year until he became horribly sick over Easter Holidays and at that time we hadn't know about vet hospitals, so by the time we went to the vet after easter, he had to be put down due to him being infected with a disease of some sort.

It's been a long time and I think i'm ready for another bird. I'm thinking of a macaw, No this isn't a split second thing. I've been thinking about it for a few years now and I have researched HEAPS about them. I'm 13 and I go to school, I have to be at school at 8:30am and I finish at 3:20pm. My weekends are free and so are the days when I get home for school. I currently wake up at 7:30am but I do know I would have to get up earlier so I can get the bird out of his cage and new water and all that. I have a spare room and because I go to school I am thinking of giving the macaw the extra room to fly around. His cage will be there but when I leave for school, I'll leave the cage open so he can go in and out around the room. The room will have branches and ropes and toys to climb on. When I come home from school I would play and cuddle with him and he can probs stay with me while I do my homework. I would also make a few perches near the computer, TV and all that so he can stay near the family. And my weekends, I usually stay at home. But on school holidays, for half of it I always go to Queensland to see my Mum because my Parents are divorced. (I live in Victoria) So will that be an issue? He won't be neglected while i'm away, My Dad would look after him and so would my grandparents!

One thing that stumped me though is that some macaws can make ALOT of noise, the noise isn't so much of a worry for me or my family...more for the people living next door to me?

I have done ALOT of research about them and I'm not even planning to get one this year. I'm going to keep researching and understanding before I do get one. I also have a very busy year this year and I am going to America so I wouldn't get a macaw at this stage.

I do understand that macaws are a big commitment and live to 50+ years but that is not a problem for me. I know alot of macaws get re-homed so if I do decide to get a macaw, I will be going to a bird shelter first.

Please don't tell me to get a bird that is easier or smaller, I told you that me and my cockatiels didn't really click. I am open to suggestions like, other parrots although I am pretty set on a macaw.

I've told you how I would handle it, so do you think I would be able to get a macaw?

ALSO, how much are macaws in Australia? I'm thinking of a blue and gold macaw so what is the price for them?

Please no rude comments, I haven't decided yet and I probably won't decide for a year or so. That's why i'm starting to think of it now! You're help would be very kind!! Also, if you have a macaw, or had one, I would love to hear how it is/was going? THANKS A TON!!

Answer on Should I get a macaw?

Ask anyone with a Macaw. I'm talking about people that properly take care of them and not just as "decoration" They will tell you that owning a Macaw is like having a small child. A 2-4 year old child.

Are you willing to stay home and take care of the bird while your friends are out?

Are you willing to buy toys every month? They will destroy them quickly. They need to shred and toys can be pricey.

Here is what a Macaw owner says:
Macaws are "busy". They aren't inclined to be happy just sitting on a perch and being pretty. No... they are "busy"... constantly exploring and getting into everything they can. Whatever you are doing, they are happy to "help". Forget being able to leave them unattended - that is, unless you don't mind having everything in that room chewed and shredded. It's amazing how many inappropriate things a macaw can find to chew - my walls and baseboards, curtains, windowsills, wooden chairs, coffee table top and legs, piano, bookshelves and the books on them, kitchen cupboard doors - anything Laka can reach is in danger. You name it, she's chewed it (or started to). All companion birds need a good deal of "out of the cage" time each day. Our conures and eclectus can be let out and allowed to fly around without worrying about anything more than, maybe, some poo having to be cleaned up. But the macaw? Her we have to watch constantly, just as you would a human toddler.

They are not cheap in food ether. There diet is some seed, pellets and lots of fruit and vegetables. Also nuts and some human foods.

They are "very" loud. I know someone that will actually leave her house wants the bird starts screaming.

Do you own a house or rent? When you move out, will you rent a house? Your still young and don't understand. As a young single women you might want to live in a apartment since it is more safe. Having a Macaw in a apartment will get you kicked out for sure. Even living in a house, the house next to you might complain about noise. No one will want to be your roommate, not once they hear the bird scream.

Here is what one Macaw owner says:
This bird's volume can actually damage your hearing. Fortunately, macaws don't scream for joy. and they don't scream for long periods of time. But when they do, oh.... I like to say that Laka's voice can peel the paint off the wall and shatter concrete. At full blast she is about as loud as a smoke detector (actually, I think she's louder than our smoke detectors). And sometimes the vocalizations upset the neighbors (and not just because they are loud). Laka makes a squeeling noise that sounds like a child screaming. She's also started yelling "oh, oh, oh" in a way that sounds like a woman moaning in pain (I have no idea where she got the idea for this one). I'm just waiting for the day the police show up at my door to investigate possible abuse...

Every Macaw is different, some will scream more, some less. Though, they will all scream. Usually once per day they will give off there loudest scream.

The bird may only like one person in the house, it will choose this person as its mate. May bite/attack anyone that gets to close to there person.

Birds need 10-12 hours of sleep, They are not like humans and cannot just go to sleep when you do and wake up at the same time. Usually they wake up as soon as the sun comes, may even scream to tell its human flock that its morning. So they will need to go sleep earlier then you.

I would wait until you are 18-25 before seriously thinking about getting one of these birds. Until then you can get a different bird, there are so many species to choose from…

How to make a twitter background?

i want to make a twitter abkcground kinda like caitlin beadles background. i want to know what website i can make the backgrounds really cool.

Answer on How to make a twitter background?

I dont know how to exactly make your own backgrounds, but there are websites that can do it for you/ you can also choose from the selections. Some of the websites I use are.

www. with no spaces

www.twitter No spaces.

If you need anymore just go onto google and look up "Twitter backgrounds" and it will give you websites for it.