Saturday, June 24, 2006

Planning on visiting Europe?

It's the first time my family and I would be going, but the trip is for me (yes, I know how grateful I should be, and I am). Because of this, it is up to me to plan the places I'd like to go. I was originally thinking London and Paris, and although I am still firm on Paris, I am wondering if it wouldn't be better to visit a place in Italy or Amsterdam instead of London. I do enjoy seeing museums and historical places, but I'd also like a couple of fun places. I am really attracted to the botanical gardens in London, although I'm not sure what else there is to see there.

My visit is probably two weeks tops, and here are my questions:

What cities in England could be worth visiting?
What are the city's main attractions?
Would Italy be preferrable to England?
If yes, what city would you recommend (and why)?
What other places would you recommend I visit?

If you could help me, I'd appreciate it sooooo much. Thanks in advance, hope you have a nice day.

Answer on Planning on visiting Europe?

England and Italy are both amazing countries. I've lived in both. I was in England for longer, though.

England: Go to London. London is amazing. National Gallery, Tate Modern, National Portrait Gallery, Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Greenwich (city near london), Windsor (city near London), Tower of London, London Bridge, London Dungeon, Hyde Park, Kensington Park, Oxford St.....

Italy: I would plan a few days, go to Venice, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Milan.... see everything.

How long is your trip? The trains in Europe are great. You can easily go to London, take the eurostar to Paris and then then the train down to Venice. ....