Monday, June 12, 2006

Do you like Nick Drake?

I think he made some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard...

What are your thoughts on him?
Favourite song&album..?

If you've never heard of him..…

Answer on Do you like Nick Drake?

I'm a huge fan Ladytron! And I own everything the man ever did...both on vinyl and CD!
I was playing my beautiful original UK 'Island' pressing of 'Pink Moon' last night as a matter of fact. What a great sounding record!
It's really sad that it took his passing for Nick to be recognized as a genius years later. It seems you can't talk about folk/rock without Nicks name being mentioned these days...which is a good thing!
Of the three albums he recorded for 'Island', I would pick 'Bryter Layter' as my favorite...the addition of the orchestra, and John Cale's Celeste & viola playing compliment this album very nicely.
My favorite song is 'At the Chime of a City Clock'.
Here's a video montage of another favorite song of mine, 'Pink Moon'. The person who put this together did some cool editing:…

Edit -
I also own a beautiful 1971 compilation of his music simply titled 'Nick Drake', which was also released on Island Records. It features tracks like; 'Cello Song, Northern Sky, and One of These Things First. I just put the record on a moment ago...thanks for the spark!