Thursday, June 1, 2006



I think they are both childish.

Nudists: I am SERIOUSLY considering the lifestyle but have a few issues to deal with first?

1.) I feel turned on by nudity, what steps can I do to stop being such a pervert and just enjoy the social unity with nature and each other. How would you feel towards a person that is just becoming a nudist if they started to oggle you, completely unintentionally but just because of their messed up mentality.

2.) Does anyone feel that social nudity has deprived them from intimacy in a relationship? Do you feel jealous if you notice your spouse getting turned on by another person?

3.) I know that traditionally nudism and sexuality are COMPLETELY separate things (nudists feel offended if people engage in sexual activities in the open, or even in the resort) One of the things I have noticed though, is that MANY of the nudist sites seems like they could almost be classified as soft-core porn. Almost ENTIRELY made up of pictures of naked people with minimal information, it also appears that these nudist sites seem almost to be an excuse for preteen child porn. ex. boasts about their nudist beauty contest pageant DVD celebrating nudism in childhood. What do you say about this? btw, the other day I was scrolling through some nudist information and tips and within 4 clicks I was on a legitimate porn site! I found this shocking :( the other thing I found kinda bad was that one of the subtexts on the site basically said, “who really cares whether this is porn or not?” This was on the site, it also said, “nudist family photo albums are just like any other photo album, but sexier.” What do you say on all these issues? How closely is nudity to sex in a nudists mind? Do you know of any sites I can go on that are full of GOOD information, preferably by true nudists, that do not have nudist photo galleries on them, at least as the central point? I read a story when I was young, naiive and sex craved, about a young girl that had teenage sex with her boyfriend and her mom at a nudist colony, does that actually happen? Are you proud of all these libertarian aspects?

Please answer as honestly as possible, your answers really mean alot to me, and I am sorry if I have offended any of you by being so blunt

Answer on Nudists: I am SERIOUSLY considering the lifestyle but have a few issues to deal with first?

I'm gonna work backwards here. Because of the allure of nudity many porn sites try to disguise themselves as nudist websites. I know of only a handful of legit nudist websites that feature pictures of their members nude. In most cases, clubs, resorts, and groups don't publish many pictures. The Eastern European websites are absolutely geared towards people who have fetishes for pre-teen kids. Are the people in them legitimate nudists doing legitimate nudist activities...yes, but they are there to make a profit off of people who pay for that sort of thing. However, the law is the law and in many places these pictures can be legally seen. If that's your thing, so be it. Nonetheless it is still exploitation in my opinion.

I've been to many nudist resorts with several of my former girlfriends and my wife. Being nude socially has never affected intimacy. While it is not a normal thing for me to encounter, once I was with a girlfriend at a nudist resort. It was after dark and us as well as a few other couples found a quiet spot to be intimate with our respective partners. There was no swapping, but we were all in close proximity to each other and seeing and hearing the other couples make love only served to enhance our experience.

As for part 1...everyone looks. It is normal to look at people you are attracted to whether they are clothed or nude. If you become a nudist simply to ogle then you are becoming a nudist for all the wrong reasons. You're not a mental case if you know why you are doing it. Oglers usually don't have a long life-span in the nudist world. They are normally anti-social or too friendly. I've seen these types of people get shunned or in some cases outright removed even after only one or two complaints from someone.