Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So mistake or not? Did I mess up?

Yesterday I sent this guy a message saying can I talk to you tomorrow? He said sure! So today he kept coming up to me and my friends were around me and I'm like I'll talk to you later! He said okay. Then after school my friend said if you don't tell him you like him today I'll do it on the bus tomorrow. So I went on facebOok and I'm like I have to tell you something. I'm me when ever you get on. He responded instantly. Then we chat he goes so you want to tell me something? I'm like yeah I like you. He's like okay. I'm like yeah I wasn't gonna tell you but and he's like it's perfectly okay I'm glad you told me:) and I'm like I do t want it to be awkward at school tomorrow? and he said it's okay I can keep a secret :) and I'm like :) he said sorry I gtg. I'm like okay but let's not have I awkward he goes bye abby and I'm like bye and he said it doesn't feel awkward in the least :) what's it mean??

Answer on So mistake or not? Did I mess up?

You should have just told the guy to his face. He came up to you multiple times so you could talk. Excuse yourself from your friends and go talk to him. Since you couldn't see his face when you told him, no wonder you're having to ask what it means. You don't say how old you are, but I think you've got some growing up to do.