Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I feel ugly and fat can someone please help me?

Im in seventh grade and im 12 im 5'0 and weigh 125 i've checked with my doctor and im a healthy wieght. i know i dont need to lose weight and im not necessarily wanting to lose weight i just wanna get in shape. im pretty weak and in the spring i really want to do track and feild. ive never been able to run very much but i do my best. i used to be in really good shape cause i swam and hour and a half like four days a week but i quit swimming so ive just kinda gone downhill. im kinda heavey around my thighs and stomach area i keep seeing all these ab workouts but how am i supposed to get abs if i have flab on top of it? so i really wanna peel some fat off my thighs and stomach. im also kinda self conciouse about my weight. i dont like to wear shorts or a swimsuit or a tanktop. some of the guys tease me about my weight. all my friends wich is alot of guys are really supportive and they tell me that im fine and i dont need to change. but i know they guys notice cause some of them have even told me that im fat. it makes me so self concious to do anything. im not like so self concious i dont wanna leave the house and like do anything but it would be nice for they guys to take a second take because they think im beautiful not so they can tell me how fat i am. even if nobody says anything i feel like crap all the time and im afraid to wear skinny jeans or clothes that even fit. i wear clothes that are to big for me so they hide my stomach. please somebody help me i dont know what to do im desperate. ive been dieting for almost two years now and nothing works. anyone have any tips on how i can build my self confidence and build some mucscle instead of fat. i also feel ugly my hair is super curly and its a mess it gets frizzy way to easy and i have to shower every time i want to brush it i have to take a shower. everyone in my school thinks i should straighten my hair and none of the guys even look at me. everyone is so critical of everything especially my makeup i like to do stuff like different colors or wings or something but whenever i do that someone always says i should do it different. i dont know what to do to build my self confidence.im scared to turn to anyone cause i dont trust anyone. please somebody help me with anything!!!

Answer on I feel ugly and fat can someone please help me?

Im the same age and i used to feel like that! People used to say, No you dont! You look fine! But i just thought i didnt. Dont worry too much. Just do some sports, run, find something that you enjoy thats fun. Also, my mum got me this hula hoop and it was really REALLY fun and it tones the stomache which is good.
Dont think your ugly. Everyone is beautiful.
Good luck! Just have fun with it, it takes time!