Friday, March 17, 2006

Zoology work help me!?

hi everybody i'm an italian girl and I need your help 4 a question... my english is so imperfect but I hope you uderstand me ...
i study at the university of Pharmacy, in italy but my dream is to work with nature and animals... like national geographic channel, animal planet etc.. infact next year i will study Biology and zoology specialization. But in italy there isn't job 4 that.. now I wont to know in UK and Ireland it's easy to found it? thank u for the attention please answer me it's so important! ciao

the tv program like ''animal planet'' is just an exemple, i know is sooo difficoult :) it's a dream also to work in a nature reserve or aquarium.

Answer on Zoology work help me!?

The BBC TV make most of the natural history programmes in UK.

You should contact the BBC Natural History Unit and 'Wildvision' (its commercial subsidiary ) first, and explain your ambition, and they could advise you what to do

I would think you would have more possibilities in the US, though - such a bigger country.