Thursday, March 16, 2006

Just for a quick bit of fun dudes.?

How do you feel when you get punched square in the nuts? For me, it starts with damn near immediate numbing of my testicles. Followed by a vicious pain that rends through my back, buckling me to the ground. Shortly after it feels like my legs have been broken and I'm gonna vomit. I am unable to get up for about 2-5 minutes after which the numbing of my testicles ceases and is replaced with a rather wretched pain that leaves me pretty useless for a good while.

Answer on Just for a quick bit of fun dudes.?

Is thAt really how y'all feel I'm sorry that there's stupid girls
Who don't respect your
Junk and go up to you and punch it I hate girls that do that do they just want attention or what. That seems so painful I like to put ice in my mouth
Then I put my boyfriends balls into my mouth he says it's very soothing :) good luck with you testies hehe!!