Monday, March 13, 2006

Please answer these questions. Californians preferred.?

10 Points to most descriptive answer

1. Where & when were you born? How long have you lived in California? If you have lived outside California, where have you lived? What are/were your parents’ occupations?

2. Could you tell me about your language background? What languages did/do your parents/grandparents speak? What language(s) was/were spoken in your home when you were a child?
3. Did you have any experiences with languages other than your first language when you were a child? What attitudes about other languages and cultures did your parents or grandparents have?

4. What do you think of your own speech (for example, your accent)? Have you ever tried to change anything about the way you talk? What features have you tried to change?

5. Describe the way people talk in the area where you grew up—what’s your opinion of their speech?

6. What languages or language varieties do you encounter in your daily activities at this point in your life? What is your opinion of those languages/language varieties and the people who speak them?

7. If you speak more than one language or language variety, under what circumstances do you speak each language? Do you ever codeswitch? Why or why not? If you codeswitch, in what situations do you do so?

8. How would you define “correct speech”? Under what circumstances, if any, do you think it is important to speak correctly?

9. Are there any situations in which you change the way you speak (e.g. around your parents or your friends)? How, where, when, why do you change your speech? If you tend to speak the same in all situations, why would you say you do that?

10. Is there a language, language variety or accent that you particularly like? If yes, what do you like about it? What is your opinion about people who speak that way?

11. Is there a language, language variety or accent that you particularly dislike? If yes, what do you dislike about it? What is your opinion about people who speak that way?

Answer on Please answer these questions. Californians preferred.?

I grew up in Birmingham UK, In a small apartment, at 18 i moved to calafornia, to focus on my acting i'm 19 now! my mum has an accident when i was very young so she was on benifits, butm y dad was never there for me but mym um got remaried when i was 14.
My mian laungauge has always been english, but i learned german at the age of 11, and spanish and the age of 14, althought i only did german for school, and did spanish out of my own choice! i went on to do it in collage. along with drama and choreogprahy (dance)
I had a Chinese best friend, so he taught me some chinese.
my parents and grandparents spoke no laungage other than english.
when i was living in england i never really had an accent, and due to alot of american tv, it slowly turned english hybrid american anyway ad now i'm living in calafonia is almost fully american :)
birmingham has the typical sterio type for people talking like there dumb, bit the sterio tpye for texas, i suppose it was the texas equivelent of england, but i never had a posh accent.
in my school came people from all races, indian, asian, english,chinese, sweedish, polish, and everyone thought i was american haha! :)
never really codewitched but i've always had a tendency when speaking spanish to slip into german as it was the first launauge i learn but that started to fade away as i got better at spanish, fr the first year i taught myself spanish and very well accually, but then i got a tacher and began to do it fluently, my parents laways siadi was a natural and laungage cooking music and drama, and i played 7 insturmants cookd things i'd never heard of for the family, and picked up new launguages very quickly.
i would define correct speech as understandable, although i don't like the ganster talk when peopel don't know proper english, when there clearly diliberty taking like there still learning the english laungauge but anything undeliberte than i can understand i'd define as correct speech haha! :)
if i meet a new person i may try to exadurate my american accent jut incase they don't like me or realize where i come from, i suppose i've sort of always bee ashamed about my heritige, just because we're i come form has ab ad reputation i suppose.
as a second laungage i always loved spanish and took great pride in learning it we're as i didnt with german i just di it because i had too! and before i lived in england when i was about 6 or 7 i always thought american accents we're extremly cool! :) there was a girl from new york in my first grade glass yeah, she was cool haha ;)
i don't like the accent fro mwe're i coem from or english in general, i don't like how peopel think all english people are relitives of the queen, although there not but still i never liekd the accent fro mwe're i am from, thankgod i bever picked it up!
Hope this helped you, thanks goodluck! :)