Wednesday, March 8, 2006

What is your top ten favorite nancy drew games?!?

i just want to know because....i love nancy drew and i want to know your opinion?

my top ten is:

1.Phantom of venice} its so fun, spying and sneaking, and i loved scopa, plus im a big fan italy
2.wanrnings at waverly acadamy}i love that its at a school and all the text and stuff, its fun!
3.Creature of capu cave} it has great puzzles and the hardy boys are in it, the charicters are cool too
4.last train to blue moon caynon) it was on a train and it was really fun!
5.treasure in the royal tower} its a classic! all the secret passegways, tottaly fun!
6.the final scene} the whole kiddnapping concept was fun and it was really intense
7.trail of the twister} there is so many puzzles and the fact of chasing tornados is so exsiding!!
8.The haunting of castle malloy: it was creepy and fun with the whole goast thing and the ending was awsome!
9.curse of black moor manor} the whole which craft thing was a really good story line, and it was surprising at the end
10.the haunted mansion} i thought it was really cool how to solve the mysterly everything was in the poem!


Answer on What is your top ten favorite nancy drew games?!?

I LOVE nancy drew games their just sooo fun! Ok heres my list:

1. Warnings at Waverly Academy-- I loved all the characters and the plot and also the fact that you can recieve texts and change the settings on ur phone. I've finished this game 4 times!

2. Phantom of Venice-- I loved the music and the setting was really cool too. It was challenging and i liked how u could go all over the cirt and change her clothes also!

3. Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon-- I LOVED the music and was so cool and beautiful also the characters were awesome and the plot. I also enjoyed playing with the Hardy Boys.

4. Curse of Blackmoor Manor-- I just finished playing and really enjoyed it it was challenging and fun and also a little creep at times which i like :)

5. Secret of Shadow Ranch-- I loved this one so much because of the setting! I also loved the music and riding the horse i completed this one multiple times as well. my only complaint is the chores Shorty makes you do

6. Message in a Haunted Mansion-- Its a classic! I always enjoy the creepy games cuz this one had the ghosts and all. I also liked the music and the characters!

7. The Final Scene-- I enjoyed this one as well because i found the setting gorgeous in the theater and also the music was fantastic! The ending was very intense, i remember...

8. Danger by Design-- I thought it was challenging and also the setting was beautiful cuz it took place in Paris. The music was so cool and so were the characters! I found the ending a little weird though...

9. Creature of Kapu Cave-- I loved the setting ive always wanted to go to Hawaii! It was just too beautiful I also enjoyed playing as the Hardy Boys. The only thing i didnt like was the Frass thing

10. Last but CERTAINLY not least... Danger on Deception Island-- The ending was awesome and so was the kayaking. Also the music and all of the characters. Also the secret passageway was cool!

I loved ALL of the games but these were my faves. I just finished Secrets can Kill and really liked that one too-- I found the ending a little violent lol. I cant wait for the REmastered version and also Shadow at the Water's Edge-- it looks scary and like i said before i like the scary games :)