Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The even more REAL FIFA 2009 awards for the FIFA 2006 or 2010 section?

Best Troll award: Azzurriman! I love him...not in a gay way
Where did that Scottish user go this year award: MarkyD
Where did that Mexican user go this year award: Rafa
Best NEW user award: Josh
Way to kick Fongwook's derriere award: Marco
Best Pro-USA, Anti-Mexico user award: Gato!
Best Star of Every question he answers award: Dubya!
Best Female American soccer fan: VanShee
Most knowledgable female user: Dark Mistress
Best male Ronaldinho fan: R10
Best and most knowledgeable anti-Italy user: MJ!
Most mellow and fair user: Bloozboy
Highest user of Latin user: Romanis
Best non-English English supporter award: Frihah!
Best Iranian supporting Italy and Milan award: Sassan
Greatest Liverpool and Greece supporter: Touzours
Greatest random question, Colombia support and keeping the forum active when no one else is asking questions award: Stefy
Most solid support for a club in deep financial distress award: Valencianista
Biggest Germany supporter - Made in Germany
Biggest Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo supporter - Laura
Coolest Fifa Mexican user - La Pulga
Where did that guy go award: Papi aki babyboy
Best catcher of all new screen names award: Captain
Very cool girl who should come on here more award: Rapture
Fairest American fan: Playmaker
Most knowledgeable user: Al
Ex top user and very knowledgeable guy we never give credit to award: Fongwook
Biggest Brazil fan: Nina
Johnny come lately award: All Real Madrid fans
My team will never win the Champions league award: tie- Touzours, Audi, Gato and every other Liverpool fan

Sorry for fogetting anyone. Happy new year to everyone.

Answer on The even more REAL FIFA 2009 awards for the FIFA 2006 or 2010 section?

You have my fullest support and agreement in this matter

And I'll also award a Special New Year Award: The User who Awards the Most Awards Award!