Wednesday, February 15, 2006

PC - Wii Operating System?

I know of emulators and i know they are glitchy as hell.
I have a PC that surpasses the Nintendo Wii's hardware tenfold
I know of all the tricks to make these emulators run fast and they don't work

^^^^********THATS NOT WHAT IM ASKING*********^^^^

Here's my question:

The reason these emulators (such as Dolphin) kind of suck is because the computer is running 2 operating systems at once, windows and the emulator. which we all know puts a lot of strain on the computer.
IS there any way to boot an emulator as an Operating system on a your pc...

Sort of like how a pc can run a multi boot where the user can choose to run windows or whatever else

Can this be accomplished? It seems very tricky to do something like this but it is a simple solution to the emulator problems and I'm very surprised that I cannot find even a question about it. Seems I am the first one to even mention the idea.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

Oh and btw I INTEND NOTHING ILLEGAL: I have a Wii, it broke, no warranty, don't feel like buying a new one if I don't have to, got a bunch of games and i just want to play them. so don't flatter me with telling me about piracy **** cause I'm NOT DOING THAT!

Answer on PC- Wii Operating System?

Actually what you're wanting to do IS illegal since it violates the DMCA so don't sit there and lie through your teeth acting all high and mighty.

That said, I don't think you can do what you're wanting to do unfortunately. It would be very cool and very useful if you could though.

If you have a decent computer running your standard OS and running the emulator shouldn't put much stress on it, it's the game itself or your hardware not stacking up.