Thursday, February 2, 2006

Any pic of selena gomez hair?

okay so im getting my hair cuts and i wanted to get it cut like selena gomez's hair. its not the knew style and i cant find a pic of this one. its the haircut she had when she played in the episode beware wolf on wizards of waverly place. can someone PLEASE show me a hot like pic of that hairstyyle on her cuz i want it REALLY BAD!!!!!!

Answer on Any pic of selena gomez hair?

I brought in a pic and got it done and it looked horrible. Don't use a picture and expect it to look exactly like it. I brought in a pic of Selena, and the haircut looked horrible. Be your own person and don't expect to have the same face, clothes and everything just because you get the haircut. You aren't going to look like Selena Gomez. You're going to look like yourself with Selena's haircut. In other words, a wannabee. I would know.