Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Why senegal shaihu step italy to have tragidy to hit woood'snature?

update algeria tunisia morrroco zanzibar zimbabwe shia iraq, mahmoud iran yatuaalah and my america friendly loves, mine europians friendly loves mine asia friendly loves. this shaihu senegal imam who was a metal nature die in 19 75 , and was born 1915 by rabbit metal nature he has seaching how to took wood's thinking ciel and head tragidy and woood health by giving some africa how to effect when 1975 rabbit life devolope to have what coming from east west , north, and south , to be his life was live his doughter saitan shaitan real one to hunt that walking in saitan hide by her dad was metal 1915 who arrive in italy from senegal by declear is good true but his heart was jealouly this 1975 rabbit life style his children was around wood rabbit nature effect the doughter was real saitan now in burikina faso , ,ghana northern region , ghana eastern region , by the sea side accra ghana , tooking other wigs , wood heads destroy she predending the dad as is god of black when i know allah is one for all world wide it fan to hear this influence in 20005 they kill a boy who happy my talent talk in burikina faso by than i hate what in burikina and peoples fronm burikina faso .and they are getting heads with nortern region nana akoufour addo visitor's are in his home town by looking fame with tragidies when we caught or catch she senegal shaihu doughter and the saitan we will send them to serria bycutting them like how mine friend other cutting haji women goat or shoot they are *** with arabic or europe gun she thinking the dad was god because the dad has follower's in africa beware not to voilence mine from algeria the normal telling people they are relatives or same sometimes they use mine shiekh sky friendly love by sky is my limit friend from algeria shiekh who eyez on sky things and sunshine and moon as they are own from senegal when other;s does;n;t know and becarefuly he from senegal was born in metal of rabbityear in 1915 and die in 1975 as seaching rabbit wood in quoran and other french astrology book to past wood health to his followers when successfuly kill mine peoples will enjoy they eyez all on accra ghana western ghana ,and centra ghana to live when killing successfuly by hide looking where they regimes and generation from by want ghana c tree land chech there peoples life where waitting to them welcome and see our gun and lovely eyez defection on they are saitan need coperate by using wood health will see what dat stand for thank you egypt for open battle

Answer on Why senegal shaihu step italy to have tragidy to hit woood'snature?

I totally agree, except for the goofy bits.