Saturday, October 29, 2005

Question about black beans!?

I'm on a diet and I heard black beans were great for you. Well... by themselves they aren't that tasty. So, I was wondering if anyone knows any type of seasoning or anything that is diet smart but also will taste great. I have a health master from montel williams so I can put it in the blender and blend it up and put it on a tortilla. Any ideas is highly appreciated! Ty!

BTW, I'm pretty open to a lot of flavors so it doesn't matter, just name your fav! :]

Answer on Question about black beans!?

There is a recipe for brownies from Rocco Dipirito, that calls for black beans they are really good, you cant tell the difference....SO good for you too.

He has been on the DR's show so maybe they will have the recipe on their website. HTH