Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Oven temperatures from italy?

i would like to know different oven temperatures between here and italy. i have a gas oven. 200 to 500 degrees.i have a recipes from italy. thanks sandra

Answer on Oven temperatures from italy?

Is the temperature in metric? In Italy they have all the temps in metric so that may be a problem, unless the stove and oven came from Britain.

You need to get an oven thermometer to check out your oven. Put the oven on to 200? and see what the thermometer says after 10 minutes, The temperature is almost double from English to Metric.
200?F = 93?C - the temp used to keep food warm in the oven
212?F = 100?C - the temp of boiling water
250?F = 121?C - low oven temp for low heat roasting of large beef
300?F = 150?C - low oven temp for baking shortbread and meringues
350?F = 176?C - medium oven heat for baking most casseroles, and poultry and roasts
375?F = 190?C - medium high heat for baking breads, muffins and cookies
400?F = 204?C - hot oven for
425?F = 218?C - hot oven for yorkshire puddings and precooked frozen pizza
450?F = 232?C
472?F = 246 ?C
500?F = 260?C - very hot oven for broiling steaks and chops