Wednesday, July 20, 2005

How to save our friendship?

Well, the other night me and one of my friends were chatting on facebook and we were insulting one of our close friends. (***** i know, but can't change the past). The friend we were insulting was logged onto my facebook on a different computer and saw the whole conversation. The things we said about her, despite being in a jokey manner were extremely harsh and personal. She has basically said that she will never talk to me again, etc. We have a boy-girl friendship (not dating), see (or used to) each other every night pretty much, for like 2 hours. How can I save this relationship? Should I apologise or give her space? Thanks.

Answer on How to save our friendship?

I would say she needs to have a bit of space Its hard to cope with disappointment give her a day or 2 then apologise and explain the situation.