Sunday, July 3, 2005

Why are French speakers so jealous of English speakers?

I think this is especially true in Canada. It is like this in France too. So the French can't even put English into business or television networks? It is like they discourage themselves from learning another language. No wonder why the French do as crappy and have as little confidence as the English with foreign tongues. French Canadians are paranoid their being overtaken when they should realize they already have. Montreal French is now as Anglicized than Acadian's and that is where your culture is supposed to come from. Even many of you sound like native English speakers when you speak English even when you aren't fluent. You are trying to fight for an identity you've already lost 1/2 of and your politicians have resorted to degrading measures and couldn't even follow through on it.

All you Francophones are jealous that we can go where ever we want in the world and find people who speak our language at the snap of our fingers even if it isn't perfect. We don't even have to ask in the language of the place. We are practically the second language of the world. The only time we won't get help is when someone doesn't like us. Businesses won't say no though. The British and English speaking Canadians will at least guess when they speak French. We Americans won't even do that with Spanish nonetheless other languages. The fact is we Americans are more blunt. Besides most of us unfortunately not being international travelers, those of us who do just know we have it made. If we learn it is because we want to - not because we have to.

You'd be lucky if 1/3 the amount of people could speak your language. You can't even go to a country like Italy, Spain or Portugal which has a similar language to you and see people who speak your language more than English. Much more technology is made in our language too. Why be jealous? There was a time when your language was truly the international language. That time has passed. There was a time when we had to learn your language so now it is time for you to do the same. And even if the Chinese get wealthier than us Americans - our language will still be the lingua franca because of the difficulty westerners would have with learning Chinese. Your language stayed on top despite England being a wealthier nation than France in most of the 19th C.

Answer on Why are French speakers so jealous of English speakers?

Francophones are not jealous of Anglophones, for obvious reasons. After all, more than half of English is derived from French, and the French do not suffer from a lack of self-esteem. Good luck with your own English lessons, wherever you may be from.

Drake (rapper) or Justin Bieber....?

In terms of looks?
And also whose songs are better??

I say Drake.

And Drake again.

Answer on Drake (rapper) or Justin Bieber....?

Drake Is A Sexy Beast And An Amazing Rapper (;