Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What are your thoughts on Questlove of the Roots' blog about racism?

So I had posted my thoughts on a particular friend's blog dealing with racism. In this blog, another blog was referenced, one from Questlove of the Roots, detailing his experiences in Italy. (You can read that here: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseac...

Call me crazy but if you have a problem with racism, how much sense does it make to retaliate with racial slurs of your own, towards others? Well apparantly my views on this topic weren't very popular, and I was wrong for feeling offended, and for interpreting his blog the way I did. Actually I think the words used to describe me were "self righteous" and "ignorant". Am I the only one to find his blog to be an extremely hypocritical, ignorant, and generalist approach? I would love to here some other opinions on this! So check out the link, read it and tell me what ya think...

Answer on What are your thoughts on Questlove of the Roots' blog about racism?

I read his post.
It was clearly out of anger.
He was venting in one of the safest ways...blogging.
I know that you are shocked by the use of the word "*****r".
I am Congolese-Cameroonian-French-Canadian young woman and I never understood why African-Africans would use this word.
One of the most deragotory terms known to all to use in an "affectionate, loving and friendly" way??
In this instance....I agree with its use...he wanted to make a point that the people in the part of Italy were ignorant, bigoted and uneducated.>>> hence the term *****r.
That's how it was used to demean black people..so Questlove here is throwing it back at them...it's an eye for an eye.
Honestly..it's a bit much..but I understand....but in a way...I don't think it's right....it IS generalist...NOT ALL italians are bigoted and racist..so it does spew ignorance.
But having read this..I am not eager to go to Italy anymore..and I am not too eager on continuing to learn Italian..
I thought Berlin was bad....at least they never tried to yell such narrow-minded words at me.