Sunday, March 13, 2005

What does my girlfriend mean?

We got into a fight because I found out from my friend that my gf wanted to go back to her ex and she was confused about going with me or her ex. She didn't want to talk to me so we stopped talking. She blocked me on Skype but kept me on facebook.

On her birthday, I called her and I said happy birthday. Nothing more. Thirty minutes later she said that there is no one else she'd rather be with and she loves me. Four days later, I tried talking to her but she kept ignoring me. I sent her a message telling her if she didn't tell me what she wanted at the end of the day, I would find someone who would make me happy.

She sent me a message saying she's not ignoring me and she sent me that "I love You" message because she felt like saying it but she said it doesn't mean things are going back to normal between me and her. She said that she hasn't gotten over me. She also said she's really busy with work at the moment (she got a promotion). She said that's why she hasn't been able to give me her full attention, but this has never been the case. She doesn't even talk to me :(

Today I put on my status, "I'm going on a date today." She sent me a message saying good luck and she hopes everything goes well. I asked her if she's okay with me going on a date. She said it hurts a little but she understands. I told her that I felt second to her ex boyfriend and I felt like I needed to exit from the relationship. I then deleted her off of my Facebook. Time to move on right? No.

An hour later she unblocked me on Skype and said, "Why do you have to throw me out of your life? I still love you very much." WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? How do I win her back? I really love her :(

Answer on What does my girlfriend mean?

She's just not that into you...