Friday, March 11, 2005

I'm 14 years old and my height is around 5'6-5'7 and i weight 167.. i NEED help to lose weight. Please help!?

Hi, I'm a 14 year old girl and i weight about 167, it's kind of varied(because whenever i seem to weigh myself im either 167, 164, 168, 171,.. keeps changing, ugh) And my height it also around 5'6-5'7 i would think?? So ever since Christmas i've been setting myself a goal, and constantly saying to myself that im eventually going to go on a diet and lose weight.. Well, i've been on a diet ever since late january i would say and it's been working, i guess, im trying my hardest but not going well, the way i want it to. At the beginning, i was struggling. It was really hard for me to change my whole diet to so much healthier stuff(usually i don't eat THAT healthy, like junk food. My mom has also been helping me with it but she said as well that it takes time and for my body to get used to and adjust to the changes.. i hope she is right :P, lol. I think the problem is i haven't actually followed the guidelines of a correct diet. I kind of sneaked a little bit and had bad cravings so i pigged out with it and i think that's what the problems, resulting in why i haven't seen any results yet. But, i know for a fact that now, i MUST, i have to stop. I'm going to somehow make this diet work and follow it and not sneak with stuff. No sneaking or picking at unhealthy stuff. This is because in about two weeks i have a doctor's appointment and i promised my mom that i would lose a decent amount of weight before the appointment. I also find it embarrassing that i weight in the 160's at this age.. and my doctor is going to be shocked and surprised i bet. Plus, i want to sit there feeling good about myself and not having to worry about fat sticking out and my belly being big and excess fat. But yeah, ever since Christmas i had set this goal because i really do want to lose weight especially with spring almost around the corner and the nice clothes and summer. This year i do not want to feel uncomfortable in my own skin.

So now for the exercise part, i think that's also a problem. Y'see, i go to a barn, and ride horses and all that stuff, but it's not a lot. Like 5 days, or 7 days every week. It also depends on the weather.. lately i haven't been able to go a tonn because of the past snow storms we have had and the roads being unsafe and messy. But i would say, i have gone atleast 1-2 times mostly each week. I spend about 5-6 hours there.. and i am working most of that time. Even if im not really doing something, im always having to walk. Also my riding lesson, it's only once a week for an hour but that's still a lot of excersice. I think a couple of weeks ago i acually got to ride twice.. My lesson day for an hour and then another day because the instructor let me and that was for an hour also. And as you know, (i hope you know) horseback riding is not an easy sport and it takes skill, and muscle. But anyways, this past sunday, i got to go to the barn, and that was for a make up lesson because i missed friday my actual lesson day again, due to the weather ;\... And i did omg, i did an outrageous amount and strenous stuff that day! I'm pretty confident and sure in this that like for every minute i was doing atleast some type of excersice. It was that much! So i came back that day, i forget how much i had originally weighed before that, but i came back weighing 164 i think? i lost weight though... but, it sucks because now i obviously gained weight and i dont weight that anymore... Sucks, huh? How can you possibly lose weight then? Cause here i lost some weight but then now its back to stupid, fat normal.... ughh :( So please help me lose weight and give me some tips and suggestions, it would really help! And also some knowledge that you have about this stuff ;) and p.s. , remember, IN TIME for my doctor's appointment! Thankyouuu!!

Answer on I'm 14 years old and my height is around 5'6-5'7 and i weight 167.. i NEED help to lose weight. Please help!?

Sorry for the caps, but you need to really get that message. You're 14 and your body is still changing. You're tall and you don't say what kind of body frame you have, but your weight might not be to far from normal for you. If you have a large frame (ask your mom, look at your family's general build - tall family members,muscular / stockier builds, wider hips, etc.) then being between 140-163 is normal.
You excercise and thats good, but do you realize that muscle weighs more than fat? Those strong legs you have from riding are going to be healthier for you than flabby fat thighs even if they do weigh more, though. If you want to excercise more, shovel snow since you have so much of it around. Shovel for your family, neighbors, and elderly people who live around you. Offer to walk dogs for people just to have to walk even more than you do. Go jump rope in the garage or basement if you can't do it outside. Getting more cardio in a workout will help burn off weight some.
You might be able to fight off the need to pig out on something you crave by allowing yourself a small amount of it whenever you want instead of saying you can't have it at all until you go nuts and stuff yourself. Or find a healthier version of it. Like if you crave cheese puffs try Pirates Booty, for chocolate try a small bit of really dark chocolate (antioxidants!),or if you want ice cream try a frozen cup of fat free lower calorie yogurt. Don't stress on losing weight before the doctors appointment. Instead, talk to your doctor and find out if you're healthy, then discuss portion sizes and nutrition and how to get more excercise into your day. - Also, if you want a more reliable reading of your weight, weigh yourself at the same time of the day - like when you wake up or just before bed. And don't weigh yourself every day!