Sunday, March 6, 2005

Fear of facebook - is this bad?

I'm not really a facebook person. I have an account but it's just to post up pictures, catch up with other family, and old classmates. I'm too busy to even go on these days. I also have this weird "fear" of going on. I'm a private person (esp. with details and things close to the heart) and as weird as this sounds, I don't really care for people and their "business". Most of the time facebook (I feel) is way for people to show off and I don't like going on, knowing about people having to feel "inferior" because someone is having "the time of their life". Maybe it's a human thing. I also have this crazy anticipation that I might see something I might get emotionally affected with or hurt with. I see people who I've outgrown - you see how your lives are different - their lives, your lives, etc... I see guys I've dated (which you don't want to see), and women, as much as we move on from ex-boyfriends, you really would not want to see pictures of them and their new girlfriends. I'm happy for them but do I really want to see it? No. Does it get me emotionally startled a bit? Yes but not for too long. Maybe it's all human nature... I just feel like facebook is looking back at the person you once were - old friends, old boyfriends, and it's like pandora's box. You get curious about people but knowing certain things can affect you... and this is why I avoid facebook...

Is this bad?

Answer on Fear of facebook - is this bad?

You dont ghave to party and drink to go on facebook. My father has facebook. hell ma mom has facebook man. where are you coming with this ?