Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I don't know what to do about my problem?

Hi, I've kind've accepted I have a problem with eating, I diet/fast constantly, and can't seem to stop, I see myself as fat, when everyone says I'm thin, it's also part of a control thing, because I feel I have no control in any other part of my life: my health, my happiness in my marriage etc, plus I have tremendous low self-image, not made any better by my health issues. My gp keeps weighing me, and trying to get me to put a halt on my dieting and seek professional help, he does know some of my issues with my husband, but I've never gone into any detail. Part of me knows the gp is right, but I cannot be referred to a psychologist, as my husband would find out, and in some ways make my emotions harder to deal with, and he would insist on going with me, which wouldn't work, as I know he's part of my problem amongst other things, so where do I go from here? Can I get help online, because he has no idea how to use a pc, let alone going online, so safer in that aspect, any ideas would be helpful please, thanks x

Answer on I don't know what to do about my problem?

Its so hard to live with such constant emotional abuse I can see why you're trying to take some control back in your life by controlling food. I think your doc is right you need specialist help but I also understand why you can't accept that help.

Try an online support group like You'll meet people who are/have been in your situation. Sadly we can't wave a magic wand but we will understand and offer support, advice and friendship.