Thursday, February 10, 2005

A question please...?

hi guys.
my name is Rachel Ann I'm 27 years old and i live in italy where i attend the university of language.
my dream is go to america.
this week my english teacher Rogers that is American has suggest me to attend an high school for one year or a semester.
as an exchange student. but i think that i am old to attend it. but she said me that i can. because in America there are many county that can accept me in an high school.
so my teacher wants to give me two exams of english, american literature and world history and american history.
if i attend this school for a semester she give me these exams.
but i 've asked at many student agency on internet as WEp . E.S.l and Ef they hsaid me that they have a strong programma that i'm old .
i 've done to see my english teacher they answers but she said that again that i can attend it.
Can i attend a pubblic high school for a semester as senior?
should I contact any high school?
have you got some list of high school?
how are the states that can accept me?

Answer on A question please...?

I don't know of any high school that would accept you at your age. You don't mix a 27-year old and teenagers on equal ground. Maybe you should try a junior college. They accept people no matter what age.