Saturday, January 15, 2005

Do girls grow out of hating eachother?

Theres this guy at my school who is soooo effin fine, all the girls like him, think hes cute, and want to eff him, but no girl will walk the hall with him because if you do all the other girls will look and stare you down and call you names even if you are the prettiest girl in the school(trust me ive tried it lol jk) but if you are seen talking to him they will hate you and put you down so bad, he even says all the girls he dated broke up with him because they were being harassed on places like Myspace & Facebook( i think twitter also but im not certain lol jk) so he cant date a girl he likes bcos every girl is afraid to be humiliated by it, I was wondereing do they grow out of it, its just high school so idk. Also does that happen with a very pretty girl at the school or are boys just not that chatty

Answer on Do girls grow out of hating eachother?

after high-school you will find out that there are way more important things to worry about.