Monday, December 27, 2004

Dont you think Demi Lovato isnt a really good person?

Well I think that shes really fake.
(This is my own opinion and i wont apologize or change it for anyone who tries to defend Demi).

She in a recent trip to London when asked about Selena Gomez
said "ask taylor (swift)".
But yet when shes on twitter and in interviews she acts like shes friends with Selena.

What do you think about it?

BEST ANSWER: goes to the person that gives the best reasoning behind their opinion.
(Im not a fan of Demi's and this isnt against Demi fans so if your her fan then just chill out and know that everyone has their own opinion. Ill respect yours if you respect mine).
-Dont waste your time trying to tell me off for calling her fake because that just how i feel.

Answer on Dont you think Demi Lovato isnt a really good person?

i think it was pretty wrong of demi to say that about is obvious that demi misses selena and she's a little angry with her.but,she should understand that it wasn't selena's fault if they cudn't "hang out"anymore.besides,demi didn't feel bad when she herself was hanging out more with miley cyrus,and less with selena.back then,she was dating trace cyrus(miley's half brother).

i like demi and selena together more than demi and miley together or selena and taylor together! they should forgive each other and come closer again.