Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Nas and Young Money????????????

Ok so I told my friend that Nas can slaughter anybody in Young Money and he said no and replied with this:

"cause gudda gudda is just so raw. Tyga's flow is wayyy fastah. Nicki is extra and she da best female rapper. Drake got good metaphors. Lil twist battles wayne and killed em...and lil chuckie...well idk."

I think he's absurd. Is it just me?

Answer on Nas and Young Money????????????

Tell your friend he's a moron, and tell him to up is lingo game. Raw = 1997, Fastah = Illiteracy, Extra = What the ****?

Edit: Hold up. Lil' Twist and Chuckie? Didn't they get beasted on by that groupie *****!? Ahaha... You should do a tap dance all over your friend's face.