Sunday, December 19, 2004

Why does my ex boyfriend act like this?

okay we broke up about 3 1/2 months ago, after 7 months of dating. a few weeks after we broke up we kept in good contact and talked ALOT. eventually it faded and he started acting like he hated me. he deleted me off of facebook, stopped talking to me etc. on facebook we have SO many mutual friends so we would still comment on the same stuff and recently we've been getting along good and having a few conversations on facebook, and he would like my comments and comment things i commented on. so i tried to re-add him. nope, he didn't add me. and he put his facebook page to private. recently i was walking in front of him in the hall with my friend and all of a sudden i hear his voice saying, "ungrateful ****, dumb whore" and stuff, he was with his friend though, so he was probably trying to act tough. he was saying it fairly loud and i'm figuring he was talking to me. the weird thing is he stares at me ALL THE TIME. if his back is facing me, he'll even turn around to look at me. once he was sitting and had his hand resting on his chin just staring at me, my sister pointed it out - she even noticed it. why does he act like this?

reason why we broke up: he was being super extra friendly with another girl and it was getting out of hand. we were fighting about it and i just said, "are you just waiting for me to break up with you?" and he said "pretty much" so i did. he was asking for it... so he can't be mad at me. btw we pretty much broke up so he could date that girl and he never did, they dont even talk anymore

Answer on Why does my ex boyfriend act like this?

To me it sounds like is very much not over you. But to treat you like this call you names like that tells me he probably (actually no probably about it) is not a guy worth dating. I don't know how old you are but if this verbal abuse continues I think you should talk to a school counselor or you parents and figure this out. Someone needs to make it very clear to him that you do not treat women this way. You broke up for a very good reason and he needs to get over it and move on.