Friday, November 12, 2004

Justin biebers new song?

dont get me wrong,im a HUGE justin bieber fan ive like got his pictures on my wall and ive been to his concerts and i LOVE his music but i just typed into youtube 'new justin bieber songs' and 'dr bieber' came up so i listened to it and i have to say its possibly the worst song ive EVER heard,its so full of himself and its rap and its just terrible,if all his new music is going to be like this then im not sure i can be a bieber fan anymore what do you think of this terrible song?

Answer on Justin biebers new song?

He's making fun of himself and what people think of him. His new music isn't going to be like that. He already talks about all his money in his songs anyway.

What's happening is pretty much he's making fun of all the people who say mean things about him. It's how normal people respond in arguments. You just agree and walk away. His ignoring his haters.

Don't take things so seriously!! jeezz