Sunday, November 7, 2004

BOYS! What does this mean?

Okai boys. So i am Canadian but i live in Kenya! & i've got an amazing boyfriend who is dutch and also lives in Kenya. But for our summer breaks we have each gone home. So we haven' seen each other in like 7 weeks and we still have 7 days without seeing each other but only 5-6 days without talking of the phone! But the thing is that during week 5 and a half of being away from each other i got an email from him. It said that he loves me. He wants me. He's still in love with me. He doesn't want to break up and he won't. That i am the most amazing girlfriend ever. But then it also says that he has changed. He is not sure if his love for me is like how it was before we left. That he needs to think about us and our future. That he is sorry for being an a**h***. That he hopes he hasn't ruined my summer. That he hopes i still want him. And that he loves me.

What is this supposed to mean? And when i see him again what can i do to make him remember all the anazing times we've had together & how much we truly do love each other! What would you want you girlfriend to do & wear!
Please help. & thanks in advance!!

PS: Now he is in Italy and the house where he is staying does not have internet!

Answer on BOYS! What does this mean?

the time apart has got him thinking. and he's thinking(among other things)

that the time apart isn't fair to you/him
you're seperating/getting out of touch
you/him are losing feeling for the other
He feels he wasn't the greatest he could of been (he's putting himself down) and would like to fix that

Email him back immediately with your response. (even if he does not get it now, this will insure he gets your response as soon as possible)
When you do meet, it will be a little wierd at first for him, but he'll remember how he felt, and how he feels. Off of that, just continue to be amazing.