Saturday, October 9, 2004

I have a big decision? Please Help!?

As a joke for my freinds I am a rapper. This girl in my home ec class whom I think she likes me is leaving to go to italy at the end of febuary (29th) and she is having a go away party. But somehow these kids from another town knew my name and home phone number. They gave me a prank call and said "we want to send you to New York and go big. My mom called back and threatened them that she will call the police if they call again and she could hear luaghing. The problem is I dont want my parents to find out my personal life and if these people or any other people call againI will be ruined. I am sort of freinds with htis girl. Should I give up the girl or my "carrer"?

Answer on I have a big decision? Please Help!?

i'd go with the girl bc if u go with career hen u r just proving that ur nothing but selfish and if u r friends with this girl and care for her.