Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Do italians have african american blood?

i heard one time from my friend who said he had african blood because the shaka zulu tribe raped the women and killed the men and children in sicily. Is that true? And if so did they attack other places of southern italy like naples? (im quarter italian and that is where my italian ancestors came from) Thanks, the answers are appreciated.

Answer on Do italians have african american blood?

Of course not! Your friend is lying, the Zulu tribe is from South Africa and I doubt they would have had the resources to travel all the way to Sicily and rape Sicilians. Even if they did, there would be more about it in the history books, but it never happened.

Yes, Sicily has been conquered by many people, including Africans. It's possible that Sicilians have darker skin, hair, and eyes because of the Tunisians, Moroccans and Arabs that have ruled over it during its history.