Thursday, September 2, 2004

Why is the world so against Italy - Italian Soccer - and the Azzurri?

Please don't waste your time answering with smart a$$ responses. There is a double standard. Everyone dives, but Italians are given this stamp of being the only team. Or better yet...everyone's response is that they are the best at diving. That's just stupid. Even at world cup 2006...everyone is still bitter about the win against Australia. I don't even see how this is controversial...lucas neil clipped grosso and was no where near the ball - not to mention that Italy completely dominated the game. If the roles were reversed - would the media have made such a big deal out of it?

Take this world cup as an example...there have been some ridiculous dives. Germany had two yellow cards because of terrible dives, Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal already dove (like he always does), and there are many other teams that have dove already and always do. BUT, if you do a search on You Tube...the only 2010 world cup dive you find is an alegid dive by De Rossi. There are dozens of versions of his "dive" BUT i can't find even one other dive from this world cup. And there are already a good 10 that are much worse. De Rossi's "dive" is in fact an ankle clip and maybe he did embelish, but it had nothing to do with the play.

Why are people so set on making Italians villains? It can't be because they are winners...people seem to love Brazil when they win (even though they are always diving - see Brazil v Turkey in 2002 i believe it was). It's like the whole world closes its eyes when other countries dive and act like *******.

Answer on Why is the world so against Italy - Italian Soccer - and the Azzurri?

I'm brazilian....brazil dives, simulates, pretends, slow games down, commits tactical fouls more than any other team.

I guess people dislike italy because it wins a lot and it is not as cute as brazil "oh, look at the happy dancing people from the tropics". Brazil manages to win and retain cuteness in the eyes of foreigners...italy is seen as a predator team.
You're right though