Thursday, July 15, 2004


Discuss how it’s possible to have a change in culture during the Renaissance, yet still have political instability in Italy and Germany.

why did the protestant reformation happen in germany instead of france or italy

would you consider the protestant reformation an end to the mideval times and middle ages or would you consider it a begining of the modern age and why.

just needs ideas of what to write, thanks.

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Italy wasn't a country but a lot of city states making war on each other. Mercenaries armies were a common sight during those times in Italy. That is not a recipe for stability.

The Holy Roman Empire of Germany was made of landers, independent states. Plenty of bickering there too.
And when the protestant reformation happened later it started civil and religious wars for many, many years (thirty years war)

There was a lot of discontent in the Holy Roman Empire with the abuses in the Catholic Church which had reached an all high and a desire for reform. In France and Italy that discontent existed too but as Luther published his pamphlet against the church in Germany the first reaction happened there. It was not universal though or they wouldn't have had such a long religious war.

The protestant reformation happened in 1517, after the Middle Ages which are commonly dated from around 480 to 1480.