Sunday, June 6, 2004

How to get a flat tummy quick?

Hi i know to lose weight you must diet and exercise but like what is a good plan or foods i should probably eat? I have a swimming party and graduation in the week of May 26. I reallly really want a flat tummy! I am about 4' 11' and weigh approximately 95-100 pounds. When I say a flat tummy, I don't mean like absolutely flat, i mean flat enough where i dont have to suck in and I look skinny. Also, i have stretchmarks on my bum and at the very tops of my thighs. Kind of like this but mine go a little lower:…

If you can. can you give me tips on how to get rid of those? Also if you can, can you show me some swimsuits UNDER $20 at pink/victoria secrett or realllllllllly really cute bottoms to cover them upp? THANKS. Also, im only 13 so i can't get surgery or stuff like that.. PLEASE PLEASE HELPPPPP!

Answer on How to get a flat tummy quick?

omg so do i !!
can you please please message me when you get an answer!